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Research contributions

    Current Content papers

  • Petrík I., Broska I., 1994: Petrology of two granite types from the Tribeč Mountains, Western Carpathians: an example of allanite (+magnetite) versus monazite dichotomy. In Geological Journal, Manchester, 29, 59-78 (IF1994-0,400).
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  • Finger F., Broska I., 1999: The gemeric S-type granites in southeastern Slovakia: Late Palaeozoic or Alpine intrusion? evidence from electron-microprobe dating of monazite. In Schweizerische mineralogische und Petrografische Mitteilungen, 79, 439-443 (IF1999-1,456).
  • Hraško Ľ., Bezák V., Broska I., 1999: Sihla - Ipeľ granite stage in the frame of the Western Carpathian Hercynian magmatism. In Geologica Carpathica, 50, special issue, 103-104 (IF1999-0,486).
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  • Poller U., Uher P., Broska I., Plašienka D., Janák, M., 2002: First Permian-Early Triassic zircon ages from tin-beairng granites from the Gemeric unit (Western Carpathians, Slovakia): connection to the post-collisional extension of the Variscan orogen and S-type granite magmatism. In Terra Nova, 14, 41-48 (IF2002-0,874).
  • Uher P., Ondrejka M., Spišiak J., Broska I., Putiš M., 2002: Lower Triassic potassium-rich rhyolites of the silicic unit, Western Carpathians, Slovakia: geochemistry, mineralogy and genetic aspects. In Geologica Carpathica, 53, 1, 27-36 (IF2002-0,147).
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  • Broska I., Williams, C. T., Janák, M., Nagy, G., 2005: Alteration and breakdown of xenotime-(Y) and monazite-(Ce) in granitic rocks of the Western Carpathians, Slovakia. In Lithos, 82, 71-83 (IF2005-2,243).
  • Kubiš M., Broska I., 2005: Role of boron and fluorine in evolved granitic rock systems (on example Hnilec area, Western Carpathians). In Geologica Carpathica, 56, 3, 193-204 (IF2005-0,449).
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  • Leichmann J., Jacher-Sliwczynska K., Broska I., 2009: Element mobility and fluid path ways during feldspar alteration: textural evidence from cathodoluminescence and electron microprobe study of an example from tonalites (High Tatra, Poland-Slovakia). In Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie - Abhandlungen, 186, 1, 1-10 (IF2009-0,483).
  • Krenn E., Janák M., Finger F., Broska I., Konečný P., 2009: Two types of metamorphic monazite with contrasting La/Nd, Th, and Y signatures in an ultrahigh-pressure metapelite from the Pohorje Mountains, Slovenia: Indications for pressure-dependent REE exchange between apatite and monazite? In American Mineralogist, 94, 5-6, 801-815 (IF2009-1,859).
  • Bónová K., Broska I., Petrík I., 2010: Biotite from Čierna hora Mountains granitoids (Western Carpathians, Slovakia) and estimation of water contents in granitoid melts. In Geologica Carpathica, 61, 1, 3-17 (IF2009-0,0,963).
  • Danišík M., Kohút M., Broska I., Frisch W., 2010: Thermal evolution of the Malá Fatra Mountains (Central Western Carpathians): insights from zircon and apatite fission track thermochronology. In Geologica Carpathica, 61, 1, 19-27 (IF2009-0,963).
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  • Petrík I., Kubiš M., Konečný P., Broska I., Malachovský P., 2011: Rare phosphates from the Surovec topaz – Li-mica microgranite, Gemeric unit, Western Carpathians, Slovakia: the role of the F/H2O in the melt. In Canadian Mineralogist, 49, 521-540. (IF2010-1,289).
  • Broska I., Petrík I., 2011: Accessory Fe-Ti oxides in the West-Carpathian I-type granitoids: witnesses of the granite mixing and late oxidation processes. In Mineralogy and Petrology, 102, 87-97. (IF2010-1,287).

    Other selected contributions

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