RNDr. Igor BROSKA, DrSc.

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Research interests

Much of my research interest is focused on the accessory minerals of plutonic rocks, principally granitoids, but I interested in accessory paragenesis in metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Particulary I have contributed to the knowledge on the mineral chemistry of trioctahedral micas in West-Carpathian granites and the stability of feldspars in some granites of this region. My motivation to be active in accessory mineral investigation is strong belief that their detailed studies in the rocks would contribute significantly to our understanding of petrogenesis, former geotectonic position and origin of associated ore deposits. Accessory minerals carriers many incompatible elements and they can be served as an important tool for better understanding the genesis and comagmatic relations of the various types of plutonic rocks generated in different geodynamic settings. Their distribution, composition and physico-chemical characteristic provide important information on the evolution in the various processes, which initially formed them and subsequently modified. Accessory minerals are valuable monitors of the usually complex evolution that metamorphic and sedimentary rocks have undergone during their history, including insights into their source rocks. They are very useful tool for the purpose of dating, extraction of information on tracing the p-T-X evolution of all kinds of rocks and last but not least, for monitoring and solving environmental problems.

I have worked on most of the common accessory minerals in granites, including zircon, monazite, allanite, xenotime, apatite, tourmaline, magnetite, amphiboles, garnets. Much time I have spent with searching of dependence of zircon morphology and composition on granite genesis. More specifically, I have worked also on the mineral chemistry of allanite, tourmaline and trioctahedral micas in granites and the determination of Fe2+ and Fe3+ in micas by Mössbauer spectroscopy. I have also experimentally explored the allanite solubility. Special interest in my research I have paid on petrogenetic significance of the most common granite REE phosphates such as monazite, apatite and xenotime. My current projects focus on the behaviour of phosphate minerals in magmatic, metamorphic and sedimentary systems. Recently, I participate also in UHP project concerning to the Pohorje (Slovinija). Last my project was focused on the Fe-Ti oxide evolution in granite of the Western Carpathians.