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Mgr. Peter VRŠANSKÝ, PhD.

Tel.: +421 2/ 3229 3220

Geological Institute SAS
Dúbravská cesta 9
P.O.BOX 106
840 05 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

Research interests:
  • Evolution and protection of animals and ecosystems

  • Mgr. at the Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia (diplom at the Russian Academy of sciences with stays at BNHM London, Imperial College Ascot, AMNH New York, Greifswald University etc.)
  • PhD at the Geological Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

  • Awards:
  • Zikmund and Hanzelka (UNESCO WH) award for the 1995 project, Czech Republic
  • The prize of the Czech Geographical Magazine (best 1997 project).
  • Recognition of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1998-2001)
  • The Systematic Association, 1998: Systematics of sensillar apparatus of the fossil insects
  • AMNH, New York: Umenocoleus, an amazing living fossil insect form
  • The highest Academic Award of the Rector of the Comenius University, Slovakia 1998
  • NABU prize 1999 (Berlin and Greifswald): Baikal Seal project
  • Hans Rauting collective prize (auspiced by A.P. Rasnitsyn) for the best paleontological publication of the year 2002
  • NMNH prize (Washington D.C.) 2005: contribution to the origin of the modern ecosystems (insects from the Green River)

Evolution of Mesozoic cockroaches in respect to global changes and origin of social termites, and predatory mantidsEvolutionary patterns and global environmental changes as indicated by cockroaches, mantids and termitesWidening of UNESCO biosphere reserve Baotianman, Central ChinaOrigin of eusociality: cockroach-termite transition
Selected articles:
VRŠANSKÝ, P. - ARISTOV, D. Enigmatic Late Permian cockroaches from Isady, Russia (Blattida: Mutoviidae fam. n.). In Zootaxa, 2012, no. 3247, p. 19-31.VRŠANSKÝ, P. - VIDLIČKA, Ľ. - ČIAMPOR, F. jr. - MARSH, F. Derived, still living cockroach genus Cariblattoides (Blattida: Blattellidae) from the Eocene sediments of Green River in Colorado, USA. In Insect Science, 2012, vol. 19, no. 2, p. 143-152.VRŠANSKÝ, P. - CHORVÁT, D. - FRITZSCHE, I. - HAIN, M. - ŠEVČÍK, R. Light-mimicking cockroaches indicate Tertiary origin of recent terrestrial luminescence. In Naturwissenschaften, in press.VRŠANSKÝ, P. - CIFUENTES-RUIZ, P. - VIDLIČKA, Ľ. - ČIAMPOR, F., ml. - VEGA, F.J. Afro-Asian cockroach from Chiampas amber and the lost Tertiary American entomofauna. In Geologica Carpathica, 2011, vol. 62, no. 5, p. 463-475.VRŠANSKÝ, Peter. Cockroach as the Earliest Eusocial Animal. In Acta Geologica Sinica - English Edition, 2010, vol. 84, no. 4, p. 793-808. VRŠANSKÝ, Peter. A new genus and species of cockroach (Blattida: Phyloblattidae) from the Permian/Triassic boundary beds of Tunguska Basin in eastern Siberia, Russia. In ZOOTAXA, 2010, vol. 2353, p. 55-61. LIANG, J-H. - VRŠANSKÝ, P. - REN, D. - SHIH, Ch. A new Jurassic carnivorous cockroach (Insecta, Blattaria, Raphidiomimidae) from the Inner Mongolia in China. In ZOOTAXA, 2009, vol. 1974, p. 17-30. VRŠANSKÝ, P. - LIANG, J-H. - REN, D. Advanced morphology and behaviour of extinct earwig-like cockroaches (Blattida: Fuziidae fam. nov.). In Geologica Carpathica, 2009, vol. 60, no. 6, p. 449-462. VRŠANSKÝ, P. Albian cockroaches (Insecta, Blattida) from French amber of Archingeay. In Geodiversitas, 2009, vol. 31, no. 1, p. 73-98. VRŠANSKÝ, P. New blattarians and a review of dictyopteran assemblages from the Lower Cretaceous of Mongolia. In Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, 2008, vol. 53, no. 1, p. 129-136. VRŠANSKÝ, P. Mesozoic relative of the common synanthropic German cockroach (Blattida). In Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift, 2008, vol.55, no. 2, p. 215-221. VRŠANSKÝ, P. Late Jurassic Cockroaches (Insecta, Blattaria) from the Houtiyn-Hotgor Locality in Mongolia. In Paleontological Journal, 2008, vol. 42, no. 1, p. 36-42. VRŠANSKÝ, P. Central ocellus of extinct cockroaches (Blattida: Caloblattinidae). In ZOOTAXA, 2008, vol. 1958, p. 41-50. VRŠANSKÝ, P. A complete larva of a Mesozoic (Early Cenomanian) cockroach (Insecta: Blattaria: Blattulidae) from the Sisteron amber (Alpes de Haute Provence, SE France). In Geologica Carpathica, 2008, vol. 59, no. 3, p. 269-272. VRŠANSKÝ, P. Jumping cockroaches (Blattaria, Skokidae fam. N.) from the late Jurassic of Karatau in Kazakhstan. In Biologia : journal of the Slovak Academy of Science, 2007, vol. 62, no. 5, p. 588-592. VRŠANSKÝ, P., Vishniakova, V.N., Rasnitsyn, A.P. 2002. Order Blattida Latreille, 1810. In: Rasnitsyn, A.P., Quicke, D.L.J. (eds.). 2002. History of Insects. Dodrecht etc.: Kluwer Academic Publishers: 263-270. VRŠANSKÝ, P. 2002. Origin and the Early Evolution of Mantises. AMBA projects 6 (1): 16pp.VRŠANSKÝ, P., Storozhenko, S.S., Labandeira, C.M. and Ihringova, P. 2001. Galloisiana olgae sp. nov. (Grylloblattodea: Grylloblattidae) and the Paleobiology of a Relict Order of Insects. Annals of the American Entomological Society 94(2):179-184.VRŠANSKÝ, p., Quicke, D.L.J., Rasnitsyn, A.P., Basibuyuk, H., Ross, A., Fitton, M., and Vidlička, Ľ. 2001. The oldest fossil insect sensilla. In: AMBA/B/21.01.3/ABS/D:8pp.VRŠANSKÝ P. 2000. Decreasing variability-from the Carboniferous to the Present! (Validated on independent lineages of Blattaria)// Paleontol. J. Vol. 34. Suppl. 3. P. 374-379.