Welcome to the webpage of Geological Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences

  • The Institute is oriented to the complex research of the geological structure, rock compositions and geodynamic evolution of the Western Carpathians including interpretation of deep structure based on geophysics and other scientific methods. The Institute develops basic research within the framework of Earth and environmental sciences (including raw material sources) by means of regional study of the Slovak territory, its regions and other areas with comparable geological structure.
  • Institute develops Earth sciences by solving of scientific projects and research tasks. It takes part in international scientific projects and collaborates with Earth science institutions abroad. It participates in the transfer of scientific information to the praxis. By popularizing and pedagogical activities it contributes to the growth of knowledge and cultural level of Slovakia’s population.
  • The Institute is publisher of journal GEOLOGICA CARPATHICA (ISI)
  • The Institute realises PhD. studies in the accredited programmes Petrology (4.1.32) and Tectonics (4.1.33)