Field trip to Malé Karpaty Mts.

Saturday 19th October 2013 (cca. 9.00 - 15.00)


Hlboča Valley: karstic half-blind valley with outcrops of Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous pelagic limestone formations. Magnetostratigraphically documented Jurassic / Cretaceous boundary is situated in a ravine near to the Padlá Voda waterfall (the only waterfall in the Malé Karpaty Mts). Stratotypes of two Lower Cretaceous lithostratigraphic units are located immediately above, in a pitoresque narrows.

Dubová, Horné Trávniky: outcrops with Ca-skarns on the contact of Hercynian granitic rocks of the Modra massif and Devonian limestones; the contact-metamorphic assemblage with grossular, vesuvianite, wollastonite, diopside, calcite and other minerals.

Modra-Harmónia: abandoned quarry in Hercynian, I-type biotite tonalites to granodiorites of the Modra massif (ca. 347 Ma age), with intrusive contact between the granitic rocks and Devonian metapelites.

Pezinok, Rybníček: abandoned adits and outcrops in Devonian metamorphosed basic rocks with carbon-rich sedimentary admixtures („black schists“), a part of the ophiolitic sequence of the Pernek Group; unique metamorphic stratiform pyrite-pyrrhotite and V-Cr mineralization with goldmanite (V-Cr garnet), V-Cr-rich epidote- and mica-group minerals, amphiboles, diopside, etc.