Joint research laboratories

  • Energy & geoscience laboratory (EGL)

    Joint laboratory of Energy and Geoscience Institute of University Utah and Geological Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences was established in 2007. Prospection and studying of energetic resources is the objective of common activities funded by worldwide oil companies (leader: M. Nemčok).

  • A common laboratory of the Matej Bel University, Botanical and Geological Institute of the SAS

    By the Agreement between Geological Institute, Botanical Institute (SAS) and Matej Bel University signed in 2077 a common laboratory was established named Institute of biology and geology in Banská Bystrica. The activities of the Institute are involve the following collaborations: 1) Preparation and realization of scientific and research projects of basic and applied research in biology and geology; 2) Preparation and realization of study programmes in both disciplines; 3) Education of young scientific workers within postgraduate study; 4) Organising of scientific seminars and conferences; 5) Participation in publishing of periodical and non-periodical scientific publications; 6) Providing scientific study stays for scientific and research workers, mainly university teachers and young scientists; 6) Participation in teaching process at the Matej Bel University.

  • Solipha

    Geological Institute SAS with Faculty of Sciences Comeniu University and Institute of Inorganic chemistry SAS participates in Research Education centre of excellence for the research of solid phase (within framework of obtained project APVV-VVCE-0033-07; Solipha). At present the new X-ray diffractometer Bruker, located at faculty of Sciences, is operated. The Solipha centre will serve as a instrumental platform mainly for envronmental problems solved within scientific projects and training of post-graduate students.