Evolutionary patterns and global environmental changes as indicated by cockroaches, mantids and termites

Principal investigator:
Peter Vršanský
Investigators from institution:
Peter Barna
Co-operating institutions and scientists:

Ľubomír Vidlička

CNU Peking/ Junhui Liang, Tiantian Wang, Dong Ren EAMU Greifswald/ Joerg Ansorge FU/ Joerg Schneider NMNH Washington DC/Conrad Labandeira NHNM Paris/ Dany Azar PIN RAS/Dmitrij Shcherbakov, Alexandr P. Rasnitsyn RU France/Didier Neraudeau, Vincent Perricho


Characteristics of the project
Discovery of new pterosaurus’ parasites and different structure of predator regulation during Middle Jurrasic. Preparation of two manuscripts about Middle and Upper Jurrasic.

Output (publications)

  1. Vršanský P. 2005 (published 2006): A fossil insect in a drilling core sample-cockroach Kridla stastia sp. Nov. (Blattulidae) from the Cretaceous of the Verkhne-Bureinskaya Depression in Eastern Russia. Entomological Problems, 35 (2): 115-116.
  2. Vršanský P. 2005 (published 2006): Lower Cretaceous cockroaches and mantids (Insecta: Blattaria, Mantodea) from the Sharin-Gol in Mongolia. Entomological Problems, 35 (2): 163-167.
  3. Cifuentes-Ruiz P. – Vršanský P. – Vega F. J. – Cevallos-Ferriz S. R. S. – Gonzáles-Soriano E. – de Jesús C.R.D. 2006: Campanian terrestrial arthropods from the Cerro del Pueblo Formation, Difunta Group in northeastern Mexico. Geologica Carpathica ISSN 1335-0552 57, 5, 347-354.
  4. Sukatcheva I. D. – Szalma Š. – Vršanský P. – Chalupová B. – Golej M. – Labajová E. – Smrečková M. 2006: Caddis-fly (Insecta: Trichoptera) from the Badenian volcano-sedimentary succession (Western Carpathians, Slovakia). In Geologica Carpathica. ISSN 1335-0552. Vol. 57, no. 6, p. 531-534.
  5. Vršanský P. in press: Dictyopteran assemblages from the Early Cretaceous of Mongolia. Acta Paleontologica Polonica.
  6. Vršanský P. in press: Jumping cockraoches. Biológia.
  7. Vršanský P. in press: Dissipativiidae – a new family of cosmopolitan Mesozoic families. Geologica Carpathica.