APVV 0081-10


Meta-ultramafics, indicator of mechanisms of crust-mantle interaction, recyclation and exhumation in an orogenic wedge (W. Carpathians and eastern Alpine margin)

Principal investigator:
Pavol Siman
Investigators from institution:
Tomáš Mikuš
Co-operating institutions and scientists:

Cretaceous orogenic wedge of the Inner West Carpathians is dissected by pre- or the Alpine shear zones with the exhumed crustal and mantle rocks. A shear zone, marked by metaultramafics, separates micaschists from overlying layered amphibolites and orthogneisses. Serpentinites and perovskite-Grt metaperidotites within hosting Triassic marbles and Cretaceous conglomerates (Meliatic?) appear to be a unique example of the exhumed deep mantle fragments. Serpentinites are associated with eclogites in the Austroalpine basement, or with blueschist in Penninicum of the eastern Alpine margin, also. Origin of the complexes can be found by the isotope-geochemical methods. P-T-d-t paths of subduction and collision-extension will be derived from mineral chemical composition and structures. The results will discover the timming and crust-mantle interaction mechanisms in the Alpine-Carpathian orogene.