APVV 0537-10


Au-porphyry systems deposit models in the Central Slovakia Neogene Volcanic Field and environmental aspects of their exploitation

Principal investigator:
Jaroslav Lexa
Investigators from institution:
Adrián Biroň
Co-operating institutions and scientists:

The project deals with a complex evaluation of a new type of ore mineralisation that was discovered in Slovakia by EMED Slovakia s. r. o. At the locality Biely Vrch the mineralization reaches economically usable accumulations and the company is exploring it in detail to prepare it into exploitation. Later, this type of mineralization was also discovered at other localities in the Central Slovakia Neogene Volcanic Field, but due to their limited size and quality their represent just subeconomic deposits and occurrences. Au-porhyry mineralization represents a specific type of low-grade ore that is relatively little known in the world and thus problematic for prospection. One of the main aims of this project is to create a deposit model of the Au-porphyry mineralization by detailed study of drill core owned by EMED Slovakia. The model will define basic conditions for the origin of large accumulations of Au in associated magmatic-hydrothermal systems that could bring fundamental progress for future exploration in national and global extent. The project will also evaluate various impacts of possible mining at the deposit Biely Vrch. Open-pit mining and ore processing by leaching brings a number of environmental problems, mainly related to mine waste disposal. The project will concem not only with its characterisation and qualified categorization according to current directives, but also with possible usage of “barren” material from the mine as an useful industrial material.