Geology and evolution of Au-Ag-Bi-Te-Se of associations of deposits and ore manifestations of Ukraine and Slovakia

Principal investigator:
Stanislav Jeleň
Investigators from institution:
Peter Andráš, Adrián Biroň, Jarmila Luptáková, Tomáš Mikuš
Co-operating institutions and scientists:

Jaroslav Pršek, Štefan Ferenc, Ponomarenko O.M., Voznjak D.K., Kvastnitsa V.M., Kvastnitsa I.V., Grinchenko O.V., Bondarenko S.M., Grechanovskaja O.E.


The main task of the project is the determination of formation conditions of minerals of Au-Ag-Bi-Te-Se geochemical association that are genetically associated with neovolcanites of the West and East parts of Carpathian mountains (mainly Vyhorlat-Huta zone with Ilkovtsy, Podulki a Smerekiv Kamin localities, Ukraine and wider vicinity of Poruba pod Vihorlatom, Slovakia). The important results of the project execution will be reconstruction of physical and chemical conditions of the formation of bismuth tellurides and selenides as well as other minerals crystallochemically related to them; revealing of relation existed between Bi-Te-Se mineralization and silver – gold mineralization.