Genetical and time relations between magmatic processes and gold mineralization in porphyry epithermal oreforming systems in volcanic structures of Central Slovakian neovolcanites

Principal investigator:
Stanislav Jeleň
Investigators from institution:
Jaroslav Lexa, Rastislav Milovský
Co-operating institutions and scientists:

Konečný Vlastimil, Koděra Peter, Černyšev Igor V., Kovalenker Vladimir A., Lebedev V.A., Prokofjev V.Ju., Čugaev, A.V.


The main task of this joint project is to establish genesis of epithermal precious metals and porphyry mineralization in volcanic areas. This will involve: refined mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of the ore mineralization, spatial-temporal relations of porphyry and epithermal mineralization to igneous events in Stiavnica skarn-porphyry-epithermal ore system, identifying sources of ore components by using high precision Pb-Pb isotope systematics, further clarification of temporal characteristics of the main types of mineralization and its relationship to the development of Stiavnica stratovolcano, the study of the chronology of the formation of Javorie and Polana stratovolcanoes and comparative study of petrogeochemical peculiarities of Banska Stiavnica, Javorie and Polana stratovolcanoes based on the studies of melt and fluid inclusions in magmatic minerals.