VEGA 2/0069/13


Stable and radiogenic isotopes in minerals of basalt maars of southern Slovakia – implications for age of volcanism and origin of exotix xenoliths

Principal investigator:
Vratislav Hurai
Investigators from institution:
Pavol Siman, Adam Straka, Rastislav Milovský
Co-operating institutions and scientists:

The project is focused on geochronology of basaltic volcanism and magmatic reservoirs of southern Slovakia using U-Pb isotopes in zircon supplemented by low-temperature geochronology of zircon and apatite based on U-Th-He system, and Ar/Ar age of amphibole and K-feldspar. This is a new approach to dating phreatomagmatic eruptions, whose ages have not been hitherto directly determined. Another goal of the project is deciphering age and origin of exotic xenoliths (carbonatite, carbonated syenite, granulite) occurring as fragments of fractionated basaltic magma chambers and surrounding crust in maars and diatremes. This research will employ classic mineralogical methods supplemented by thermodynamic modelling and interpretation of stable C-O isotope ratios. Results would have an impact on refinement of the age of volcanism, magmatic chambers and lower crust, as well as on evaluation of the syenite and carbonatite rocks as potential carriers of economic Nb, Zr and REE minerals.