VEGA 2/0100/11


Traces of life in Upper Paleozoic sediments from Slovakia and age determination based on isotopic composition 300-250 m.a.

Principal investigator:
Vladimír Šimo
Investigators from institution:
Jozef Vozár, Zuzana Weissová
Co-operating institutions and scientists:

Marián Olšavský, Anna Vozárová


Red beds are typical of the Upper Paleozoic sediments for whole northern hemisphere. Trace fossils study allows suitable research of Permian red beds which belong to lacustrine facies in Slovakia. Permian sediments and volcanites (300 – 250 m. a.) are situated in several west-carpathian tectonic units. Living conditions in this age were influenced extreme green house global warming, volcanic processes and volcanic exhalations which caused Upper Permian mass extinction. Research of Upper Permian sediments could bring new contributions about Upper Permian paleoenvironments also. Previous sedimentological studies with sparse inaccurate ichnological references in Slovak region show that trace fossils are not infrequent and could be useful solution for characterization of Upper Permian sedimentary rock from Western Carpathians. Potential changes of trace fossil associations in ostensibly monotonous sedimentary rocks could reveal paleoecological nuances in the Permian sedimentary successions.