VEGA 2/0159/13


The role of diorite magma in the initiation of I-type granitoid magmatism – mafic enclaves of the Nizke Tatry Mountains

Principal investigator:
Igor Petrík
Investigators from institution:
Igor Broska, Štefan Čík
Co-operating institutions and scientists:

The project solves the relationship between Variscan dioritic magma and coexisting I-type granitoid magma on the basis of petrological interpretation of magmatic and postmagmatic mineral assemblages of both rock types. The evidence of mixing is provided by the hybrid character of present tonalites and diorites. The late oxidation event identified in the host granitic magma suggests increased water contents, which along with the characteristic presence of allanite indicates a metasomatically enriched mantle as one of the mafic magma sources. The project should help in understanding the geodynamic position (hence the cause of melting and nature of source rocks) of the future Western Carpathian basement in early stages of the Variscan magmatism. An existing collection of unique samples of enclaves from the Nizke Tatry Mts. will be used and supplemented by new findings.