VEGA 2/0162/11


Processes and products of rhyollite volcanism: paleovolcanic reconstruction of the Jastrabá Formation in the Central Slovakia volcanic field

Principal investigator:
Jaroslav Lexa
Investigators from institution:
Katarína Pošteková
Co-operating institutions and scientists:

Rhyolite volcanites represent a substantial part of continental margin volcanic formations. They often host epithermal and VMS mineralizations and a suite of industrial mineral and stone deposits (perlites, silicites, clays, bentonites, zeolites, pumice and stone/aggregate). Explosive eruptions of rhyolites represent also a serious hazard in areas of active volcanism. Owing to that a greater knowledge on processes and products of rhyolite volcanism is desirable. Rhyolite volcanites of the Jastraba Formation represent an ideal object for a study of rhyolite volcanism. Project aims at reconstruction of volcanic forms and eruption types including processes of material redeposition, reconstruction of temporal evolution and relationship to structural evolution of the area, understanding of rhyolite magma origin in view of preceding andesite volcanism and understanding of influence of the primary lithology on qualitative parameters of associated industrial minerals.