5th Workshop
on Ichnotaxonomy

Bratislava, Smolenice, Slovakia
June 9th - 13th, 2014

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WIT 5.

This workshop is narrowly focused on ichnotaxonomical principles. Ichnologists suggest new insights for the definition of ichnotaxobases and on theoretical implications for the nomenclature of trace fossils. The opinions of attendees have repeatedly gone on to make trace fossil science more precise and useful. Ichnotaxonomical principles delineate the realm of trace fossils and continue to open new questions on how and why is necessary to classify them. Precise trace fossil classification can be utilized in ecological and evolutionary solutions. Refining ichnological terms also strengthens the position of ichnology for fresh applications. The workshop offers ample opportunities for ichnotaxonomical discussion and future ichno-cooperation.


The first ichnotaxonomical workshop was organized by Richard Bromley and Markus Bertling (1998, Bornholm). Following ichnotaxonomical meetings were organized by Alfred Uchman (2002, Kraków – Tymbark), Radek Mikuláš and Andrew Rindsberg (2006, Prague – Jevíčko) and Andrey Dronov (Moscow – Petersburg). The paper that was written by participants during first two workshops: Names for trace fossils: a uniform approach (Bertling et al. 2006) was the most important synoptic ichnotaxonomical publication of these workshops.


9th to 13th June has been reserved for the workshop. The first two days (10th – 11th June) are scheduled for lectures. The next two days are planned for easy fieldtrips of several ichno-localities across Slovakia.

Format of contributions

Talks will be 15 minutes long plus 5 minutes for questions and discussion (keynote talks: 30 minutes). Talks should be saved in PowerPoint in Windows format.

Posters should be printed in A0 (upright format).