5th Workshop
on Ichnotaxonomy

Bratislava, Smolenice, Slovakia
June 9th - 13th, 2014

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The workshop will be held at the Smolenice Castle near Bratislava city, then in Bratislava and for a few days during fieldtrips in the Liptov region (central northern part of Slovakia). The first day during presentations of ichnotaxonomic ideas will be spent in the Congress Centre of Slovak Academy of Sciences in the Smolenice Castle. This place is located in the foothills of the Malé Karpaty Mts in a rebuilt medieval castle. On the next day (Wednesday, June, 11th) the Workshop will be held in Devínska Nová Ves (suburb Bratislava) close to the Austria state border. The next two days (12th-13th June) are planned for fieldtrips with one night in the Liptov region.

Interesting facts about the WIT 5. venue

A place with archeological site (oppidum) from Iron Age is situated near the Smolenice Castle (Kalenderberg Culture) with a museum exhibit. These places will be visited. The karstic Driny cave is also located nearby. The castle is a quiet place well suited for conferences. In the Smolenice village was born Štefan Banič, the inventor of the first actively used parachute, patented in 1914. The second day of the workshop will be held close to the Sandberg locality near Bratislava. The Sandberg and adjacent paleontological localities are rich in Miocene terrestrial and marine fossils.

The artifacts from the Molpír Oppidum:



The meeting of WIT participants (June 9th) will be in Bratislava city at the Slovak Academy of Sciences Dúbravská cesta No. 9. The closest international airports are at Bratislava (BTS) and Vienna (VIE). The regular bus connection from Vienna airport to Bratislava Central Bus Station (at distance of 50 km, price 8€ without baggage) leaves approximately every 30 minutes. WIT participants can be picked up by organizers from Bratislava Central Bus Station or alternatively from the Main Bratislava Railway Station. Transport to Smolenice (June 9th) will be provided by organizers. Fieldtrips will end on Friday (June 13th) evening in Bratislava.