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Current projects:

VEGA 2/0094/14 - Biostratigraphic and palaeoenvironmental analysis of the Lower to Middle Jurrasic sequences of the selected localities of the Western Carpathians
VEGA 2/0042/12 - Paleoenvironmental record of global system instability in the Late Cretaceous and Paleogene Formations of the Western Carpathians: changes of the physical and life conditions in time of biotic crisis, climatic extremes, impacts and syngenetic volcanisms.


Closed projects:

VEGA 2/0145/11 - Changes in the assemble of calcareous nannofossils during the great climatic changes
CBEP - Climate and biota of the Early Paleogene

Selected publications

OZDÍNOVÁ, S. - SOTÁK, J. Oligocene-Early Miocene planktonic microbiostratigraphy and paleoenvironments of the South Slovakian Basin (Lučenec Depression). In Geologica Carpathica, 2014, vol. 65, no. 6, p. 451-470.
OZDÍNOVÁ, S. Paleoecological evaluation of calcareous nannofossils from the Eocene and Oligocene sediments of the Subtatric Group of the Western Carpathians. In Mineralia Slovaca, 2013, vol. 45, no. 1, p. 1-10.

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