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Research interests:
  • Evolutionary ecology of brachiopods
    • Triassic (Alps, Carpathians),
    • Jurassic (Carpathians, Swabian-Franconian Alb, Swiss Jura, Moroccan High Atlas),
    • Cretaceous (Carpathians, Cantabria),
    • Recent (San Juan Islands, Red Sea),
  • end-Triassic mass extinction event
  • taphonomy of shell beds
  • compositional fidelity of fossil assemblages
  • Paleobiology Database



Current projects:

VEGA 2/0136/15 - Tracing changes in seawater temperature during the end-Triassic mass extinction and during the Early Jurassic in the western Tethys (Western Carpathians and Eastern Alps)


Closed projects:

NSF-EAR 1124318 - Temporal resolution in benthic assemblages: assessing and modeling the roles of burial dynamics, seafloor type, and intrinsic factors using (un)natural experiments
APVV 0644-10 - Assessing taphonomic and geochemical approaches in evaluating spatial and temporal turnover of marine invertebrate paleocommunities
VEGA 2/0068/11 - Assessment of taphonomic and geochemical methods in evaluating the stability of marine ecosystems during the Jurassic
DEB-0919451 - Bivalves in Time and Space: Testing the accuracy of methods to reconstruct ancestral morphology, dates, geography, and diversification patterns
APVV 0248-07 - Evaluating and modeling ecological stability and turnover of Jurassic communities

Selected publications

TOMAŠOVÝCH, A. - JABLONSKI, D. - BERKE, S.K. - KRUG, A.Z. - VALENTINE, J.W. Nonlinear thermal gradients shape broad-scale patterns in geographic range size and can reverse Rapoport's rule. In Global Ecology and Biogeography, 2015, vol. 24, no. 2, p. 157-167.
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TOMAŠOVÝCH, A. - DOMINICI, S. - ZUSCHIN, M. - MERLE, D. Onshore-offshore gradient in metacommunity turnover emerges only over macroevolutionary time-scales. In Proceedings of the Royal Society of London.Series B, Biological Sciences, 2014, vol. 281, dOI 10.1098/rspb.2014.1533.
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